Kudos Youth Church – Rebuild Mexico 2014

Sat 5th April – 15th April 2014

CNBC and our Kudos Youth Church are sending a team of adults and young people over to Mexico in 2014 to build a house and change some lives!! Last year we sent Ben Evans, Josh Evans and Andrew Millington over and they have come back so excited that we are trying to send over a much bigger team of young people from Kudos. So far Wendy Sutton and Andrew Millington will be leading a team from Coulby Baptist  and we have a number of our Kudos Youth Church interested.

This is an opportunity that is so, so exciting for all who are going and is also open to you, if you are a young person or an adult who wants to join in! It will change the lives of the people heading over as well as the lives of the family receiving the new house.

What’s the project?

ReBuild is an eleven-day experience where you build a new home for a poor family in Mexico, right from the foundations upwards, in a few short days using just hand tools! Then you can hand over the keys and see the reaction as you literally change one family’s lives forever! On top of this, the team will have a chance to experience church in a completely different culture, the opportunity to be stretched in their faith and grow in their character & the satisfaction of serving a community of people in various ways as well as the building work itself. They will also be running games and crafts for the local children, who are all hugely enthusiastic and great fun!

How can you get involved

Well firstly you might want to go! Secondly you might want to give, or thirdly you might want to help Kudos fund raise for this project. Each team member has to raise £1300 towards the cost of the travel and the building costs of the house. So over the next few months Kudos will be running a number of fundraising events and working towards that goal. If you wanted to help with the fundraising this year or offer to do a sponsored event then grab Wendy of Judith and have a chat about how you can help.

Please Pray

This is an incredible opportunity, but also quite a daunting idea for many of our 13-18 year olds, so could you please get praying firstly about the people who get signed up for this. Pray that the young people and adults that God is calling will get the vision for this and trust God for the practicalities! Also lets start praying early for the team, that they would have their lives transformed by God while stepping out of their comfort zone and following His call. And lastly could you pray for all the funding and provision for each of the team, some families are more able to raise the funds than others so please pray the each of the team would know Gods amazing hand in provision.

Watch this Video and be Inspired


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