Schools Work

Schools Work

At Coulby Baptist we love Schools work and we have formed a long lasting strong relationship with the Kings Academy a Christian ethos high school in South Middlesbrough. This growing relationship between Church and School has led to a number of ministries that we work together on.We want to be a church that is out in the community working to be a positive presence in those places, this is what our schools work looks like.

Youth Team in School

Our Youth Team, Mike and Vincent are based within Kings Academy for 3 days a week. They are involved in class room support for the religious education department, student mentoring and support, extra curricular activities and taking assemblies and helping to lead the Christian Union. The heart behind this is to be a Christian presence in the school building relationships with the young people and showing them the love of Jesus as they interact with them. We want to see young people encouraged and empowered into their potential.

Christian Unions

Our amazing Youth team, Emma, Mike and Vincent run two Christian Unions in Kings Academy. One for Year 7-9 and one for years 10 and above. These groups are an amazing space to disciple teenagers during the week in their schools, offering teaching, fun, friendship and missional activities. Get in touch with our youth team to find out when the session are this week!

Stephen in School

Our Pastor, Stephen is often involved in helping with the Christian part of the curriculum. This has meant taking lessons, running questions and answer times, speaking at special events and taking regular assemblies. Its amazing being given the opportunity to speak to so many Young People about God.

Kudos (Youth Church)

On Sunday nights we run a Youth Church for young people in Kings Academy. Click here to find out more.