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meet the team

Rev Stephen Sutton

Me and my wife Leah moved to Teesside in 2010 after training for ordination at Spurgeon's College in London. We love Teeside and feel strongly called by Jesus to this area and the people here. We are passionate about seeing people come to know Jesus and working towards His Kingdom growing. We have four super loud kids and love leading the best Church in the world.


Stephen is also the facilitator of Transforming Teesside Together and has a massive heart for church unity.

communities lead / Designated person for safeguarding

Hi! I'm Sarah and I am married to John and I have 2 children; Vikki and Benjamin and a step-daughter and a grandson. From Hertfordshire originally but I moved up here 32 years ago when John and I got married and I love it here. l lead our toddler group (Little Angels), manage the Foodbank  centre at Grove Hill and lead our Senior's Friendship Group. I play the flute and guitar and help out leading the worship in church, which I love as it is so awesome the way God speaks and guides us so that the worship and the message fit perfectly together when you have no idea what the sermon is going to be about!  God is SO exciting and I love following Him into new adventures!

leadership team / communications and operations

Having lived in the UK for over 10 years now, I try and say I'm a local, but the Michigan accent gives it away! I moved here in 2013 after making a deal with God that I'd trust Him with one year of my life, dipping my toe in missions and youth work, but He had bigger plans. I fell in love with Teesside and knew my time seeing young people's lives changed by Jesus wasn't over. Since then I've become part of so many life-changing projects such as Tees Valley Youth for Christ, Refresh Youth Service, Doulos, and also the leadership of CNBC. I'm a Marvel nerd, parmo fanatic, and love public speaking. My passion is seeing churches and people work together to see God's Kingdom break through in Teesside. 

leadership team / youth and families

God first called me from Michigan to the UK in 2014 to serve for one year with Tees Valley Youth for Christ. Little did I know, He had more than one year in mind. Now, just over nine years later, I'm so grateful to be serving with the Church in Teesside as the Youth Leader at Coulby Newham Baptist and on Coulby's leadership team. Over the years, I've had the privilege to do youth work across Teesside with Youth for Christ. I've also been a bookseller and worked in the charity sector. I'm passionate about seeing young people discover who Jesus is in their own lives and help them flourish in their relationship with God. I also love coffee, books, plants and my husband Aaron (not necessarily in that order).  

leadership team

I’m Sally Middleton and I’m married to Jack. I have 2 children and 7 grandchildren. I’ve lived in Middlesbrough since 1996, simply because I met Jack and this is his town. I became a Christian in 1991 through a dream and hearing from God. I feel called to this area to serve God in whatever He asks. I believe He speaks to each one of us and longs for us to tune in to Him and make space to hear Him. His love for us is immeasurably deep and He wants the best for us.

leadership team/
Safeguarding trustee

I moved from Oswestry in Shropshire to Middlesbrough, with my wife Anne, in 2016 . We are both retired secondary school teachers and now mainly spend our time helping to look after our two granddaughters. I became a Christian in my teens and over the years I have been involved in Christian youth work, pastoral care and church leadership. I have a heart for social justice and pastoral care. Here in Middlesbrough I volunteer with the Foodbank and with Open Door North East. I enjoy sailing, hill-walking, photography, bird-watching, cooking, travel and languages - I am currently learning Norwegian.


I have been part of the leadership team at CNBC for a good number of years now and cherish being part of our church family. I love encouraging people as they grow in their relationship with God and in their gifts. I enjoy doodling on my sax in the worship team, assisting with the Alpha courses and helping to make things happen. I am learning more about grace and trust and taking God at His word.

WIN_20200722_16_00_56_Pro (2) 1.jpg
leadership team

Born in Hamilton, Scotland, I moved to Middlesbrough with my parents when I was seven and have lived in England ever since. I am married to Terri and we have one married daughter, Catriona who lives in Southern Italy, with our two grandchildren Alessio and Cristina. We have been members of the church in Coulby for over twenty-five years and have always felt at home in it. I have lived in the Teesside area for over fifty years and love the area. We are blessed with beautiful countryside, wonderful views, the seaside and great walks, all within 10  - 15 minutes of Middlesbrough. Since becoming a Christian in my late twenties, I have learned so much and believe the Power of Prayer is amazing. I love any sport , but football in particular, both playing and watching and support Middlesbrough and Rangers. I love the church, the friendship it brings and I am excited to see where the Lord will be leading us in the days ahead.

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