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Jesus Obsessed

The very centre of who we are is JESUS. Who He is, What He has done, and what He is doing today.


We describe ourselves as "Disciples" of Jesus. That means that we aim to shape our whole lives around following the ways of Jesus and living out His teachings. We believe passionately that Jesus is alive and He is the leader of our bunch of disciples here in Teesside. We don't get it right all the time, and we mess us daily, but our purposed aim is to look and live more and more like Jesus. Loving and serving our neighbours and communities. Being a Beacon of light to the place we live in.

In short we are Jesus obsessed.  Jesus is our king, our boss, our leader, our saviour and the hope of the world.

Kingdom Fanatics

The main thing that Jesus spoke about was something called the "Kingdom of God". The Kingdom is what life looks like when God is if God was to become King over your life right now....what would it look like? What would it change? We believe that it would change EVERYTHING. Not just your Sunday mornings but everything. When God becomes King and gets His own way on earth just like in heaven, it means hope where there was hopelessness, it means love where there was hate, it means forgiveness where there was bitterness, it means gratitude instead of greed, it means service instead of selfishness, it means community instead of isolation. 


Now imagine Jesus was to become King over the whole of Teesside. What would that look like? What would that change? This is the question that drives us, its our mission. To see the Kingdom of God come to Teesside as it is in Heaven.  

Passionate about Unity

Because our vision is to see the whole of Teesside transformed by the Kingdom of God, we realise that this is way to big a vision for us as a small Church in South Middlesbrough. But amazingly we aren't alone. Jesus has a much BIGGER Church here in Teesside than just us. We have brothers and sisters all around us who are also Jesus followers and want to see His Kingdom come in Teesside. We are passionate about seeing the Church in Teesside work together in partnership and close friendship. We invest a good chunk of our time to networking and strategising with other Churches and Church leaders. We do this through our partner network, Transforming Teesside Together.  

Jesus Loves Teesside

We believe that Jesus is totally in love with Teesside and the people that live here. We believe that He has amazing plans for Teesside, plans to prosper it and bless it. We feel called to Teesside, the people, the area, the culture, the communities, all of it!


 In fact Jesus loves Teesside so much that He has given it a Church. That is how we view the Church. We are not in this too grow a bigger Church, we are not in this to buy bigger buildings for the Church to gather in, we are in this because Jesus loves Teesside and Jesus has placed us in Teesside and so we are on His mission every second of every day. We are the hands and feet of Jesus. We are His Church. That is why we want to serve, love and share our message with Teesside. 

We are a family

We think there is something really special about being a part of a Church. It's more than just a service. It's more than just a personal faith. It's more than just a mission. We are a FAMILY. Once you say that God is your Father, then suddenly that means that you are our brother or sister. At CNBC we think that should mean something and it should change something. So we are totally committed to doing life together, loving each other, walking through the ups and downs of life together, challenging each other and encouraging each other as we each follow Jesus. 

We have agreed to a certain way of doing life in our family. We Pray together - Play together - Eat together and Serve together.

Our Projects (The Beacon)
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